Every project needs, equipment, machinery, & material

Manufacturers & Suppliers

Easy-to-use, actionable project data

Equipment and materials come with just about any project, especially in infrastructure. As such, the people and companies which make, supply, and operate those tools come at a premium.

Our planned infrastructure database tracks and updates project reports across jurisdictions and project types to connect equipment manufacturers and suppliers with the projects that need them.

Filter your search by quantity of material needed for a project, proximity to relevant plants or locations, nearby developments, and more.


Map potential project opportunities, assess relevant construction, geographic, and demographic data, and even plan routes between your different sites.

Decision-Maker Contacts

When you find the right project leads, our company role and contact information is the means to the end that is your winning business.

Plans & Specs

We track and update plans & specs documents in associated project reports so that you'll be sure when you find the right opportunity.


Construction equipment professionals don't just use Infrastructure+ for project leads: they get in-depth project details to filter for the best opportunities.

Screenshot of Planned Retail

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