A planned infrastructure project database built to work for you.

About Infrastructure+

Infrastructure+ is the latest in a line of vertical-specific planned construction data products from BCI | BuildCentral.

While our other products for lead generation and site selection target energy & mining, hotel, medical, residential, and retail developments, Infrastructure+ tracks construction for the transportation, sewage & water, electrical, and internet infrastructure that connects them all.

Ranging construction professionals utilize Infrastructure+ for informed, winning decision-making when filtering leads and selecting sites. Whether you're in commercial real estate or are looking for upcoming projects, we can help.


In Australia, BCI Central is founded to simplify the construction industry with transparent, streamlined information technology solutions.


Quest CDN launches electronic bid notification systems.


BuildCentral launches in the United States


BCICentral acquires BuildCentral to expand its construction solutions offering to the United States.


BCICentral acquires Planned Grocery, the predecessor to PlannedRetail and Planned Developments for commercial real estate.

October 2021

BCICentral joins Byggfakta, listed on the Swedish Nasdaq

September 2022

BCICentral acquires QuestCDN

November 2022

BCICentral acquires BidOcean

April 2023

BCI Central acquires Pantera Global Technologies