For developers, retailers, site selectors, and investors alike.

Planned infrastructure construction data for CRE leads and site selection.

Remove uncertainty from your lead generation and site selection.

We understand that location is the name of the game, and in the case of planned construction data, more really is more. We cover a broad range of deeply researched project datapoints to help you refine your search.

Be intentional and strategic as you search for new opportunities, and let us help you answer looming questions with hard-to-come-by data on planned infrastructure projects. Which cities are enticing development with enhanced infrastructure, and how? How will construction impact access to my site? Who will use which infrastructure, and for what? The point is, we've got you covered.

Early-Stage Project Reports

Often pre-permit project reporting with project details, key decision-making contacts, and construction schedules.

Site Selection Analytics

Assess market-leading firms, top projects, and your own opportunity landscape with our data analysis tools and product integrations.

GEOSPEX™ Mapping

Our proprietary planned construction visualization tool maps projects alongside relevant geographic or demographic features.

Why Infrastructure+?

The commercial real estate space relies on our planned infrastructure construction data for informed, effective decision-making when gathering leads and selecting sites.

Screenshot of Planned Retail

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